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At Spjotgard we strive to help our customers with products and services through a lifetime experience in life science products. We work together with leading companies to deliver the best available products for your need.


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intelligent fingerprinting kit

Intelligent Fingerprinting

Fingerprint drug testing from Intelligent Fingerprinting is an on-the-spot, 10-minute test that works by analysing fingerprint sweat to screen for recent use of drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamine.



Decon-X International is the trusted partner for healthcare institutions serious about infection prevention. Every day, organisations across the globe use the company's automated solutions to move from triage to true prevention. Its technology is backed by rigorous science, and its turnkey system is supported by an expert team committed to preventing infections.



Foresee-X is an AR technology-based Head Mounted Display Smart Surgical Glasses. Foresee-X can be connected to various standard medical devices like ultrasound, endoscope, navigation systems, etc.

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Inventions for you

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