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What is fingerprint drug testing?

Fingerprint drug testing is an on-the-spot, 10-minute test that works by analysing fingerprint sweat to screen for recent use of drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamine.

The fingerprint drug test and alcohol breathalyser tests from Intelligent Fingerprinting are both highly convenient for us. We have found the fingerprint drug test to be non-invasive, and much more hygienic than our previous urine-based tests.

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How does it work?

Fingerprint drug screening system is quick and easy to use. Sample collection takes less than a minute and results are available on-the-spot using the DSR-Plus, which reads the Cartridge and displays a positive or negative result for each drug in the test in just ten minutes.

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How does fingerprint drug testing compare to other solutions available?

Non-invasive & Dignified

The system works by analysing fingerprint sweat, so sample collection is non-invasive, simple and dignified


Fingerprint sample collection takes seconds and analysis for multiple drugs of abuse is complete in minutes


The system is compact and portable, for convenient drug screening whenever it's needed, in a variety of locations

Hygienic & Easy to use

Thanks to its non-invasive, non-biohazardous technique, the fingerprint-based drug test is hygienic and simple to administer


Multi-panel tests are quick and easy, with no need for gender-specific collectors, specialist handling or clinical waste disposal

One-stop solution

Laboratory confirmation service also available



How is fingerprint drug testing being used?

The Intelligent Fingerprinting drug testing system is ideal for a variety of drug screening applications, including:

Workplace testingHelping to deter employee drug misuse and promote a healthy and safe workplace

Drug treatment and family safeguardingEnabling dignified, quick and hygienic screening that's easy to carry out in clinics, private homes and community-based centres

Criminal justiceFor a variety of law enforcement purposes and to support offender management and rehabilitation

SchoolsTo promote safer, healthier lifestyles for young people

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