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Augmented reality surgical glasses from Surglasses

What is Foresee-X?

Foresee-X is an Augmented Reality (AR) Smart Surgical Glasses which provides radiological images and vital patient data directly to the surgeon without external monitors during trauma cases and allows for minimally invasive surgeries.


How do I use Foresee-X?

The glasses are connected to various standard medical devices like ultrasound, endoscope, navigation systems, etc. The Foresee-X is a wearable Smart Surgical Glasses that reduces the head movement of the surgeons towards external monitors during surgical procedures.

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What advantages does Foresee-X bring to surgeons?

Augmented reality

Smart surgical glasses equipped with Augmented Reality technology

Increasing efficiency

Improves efficiency by allowing the surgeon to focus on the operational field instead of computer screens and monitors

Reduces radiation exposure

Reduces radiation exposure by lowering the necessity of taking X-ray photos during operations

Easy For Users

Equipped with features such as image enhancement and zoom

Surgery utilising Foresee-X


How is Foresee-X being used?

Foresee-X is being used in multiple areas helping surgeons to perform operations more efficiently and effectively.

HospitalSaves equipment costs while increasing hospitals income and improves overall medical performance

PhysiciansReduces X-ray radiation exposure for physicians while simplifying the surgical procedure

PatientsImproves the quality of treatment providing the patient with minimally invasive surgery and quicker recovery

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