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Spjotgard partners with Ljung & Sjöberg to deliver drug test

Thu Feb 24 2022

Spjotgard has signed an agreement with Ljung & Sjöberg regarding our fingerprint drug test which is developed by Intelligent Fingerprinting from Cambridge based company in UK.

Ljung & Sjöberg is a market-leading company that specialises in alcohol/drug problems and gambling addiction. Ljung & Sjöberg helps both employers and employees and they work with the entire chain from performing workplace tests to helping with training and rehabilitation of employees.

Spjotgard is very proud and happy about this collaboration and looking forward, together with Ljung & Sjöberg, to contribute to both reduce and counteract drug usage and addiction in society and in the workplace.

You can read more about the drug test on our product page for Intelligent Fingerprinting and read more about Ljung & Sjöberg over at their website.

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